Alto al Fuego en la Misión
24th & Capp

Audio Excerpts

Themes Explored: Solidarity between police oppression and violence at the border; Acknowledging and creating space for trans individuals

There have been many people of color unjustly murdered at the hands of SFPD in recent years, including undocumented Guatemalan immigrant Amilcar López-Pérez in 2015. This mural commemorates his life and his journey from his home country and the sacrifices that all immigrants make in order to find a better life for themselves and for their families.

The mural, painted on the facade of the Calle24 Latino Cultural District’s headquarters at 24th & Capp, also depicts several victims of violence at the border, including trans woman Roxana Hernández who was killed in ICE custody in 2018. Listen to Flavia’s discussion of the mural and hear her recite her poem, “Flor del Desierto,” which talks about her own father’s tumultuous journey from México to San Francisco.

Credits: The mural was designed and directed in community and collaboration by Carla Elana Wojczuk with, Homies Organizing the Mission to Empower Youth (HOMEY), Justice4Amilcar Coalition, Lucía González Ippolito, and assisted by Flavia Elisa Mora; and painted by: Cristian Muñoz, Lucía González Ippolito, Anna Lisa Escobedo, Carla Elana Wojczuk, Adrianna Adams, Flavia Elisa Mora (painting and poetry), Pancho Pescador, and Sonia "G" Molina.

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