Win Mixter presents Pride is a Protest, part of this year’s San Francisco Arts Commission 'Art on Market Street' poster kiosk series. The 2020 theme is, “Celebrating 50 Years of Gay Pride.”

Recognizing 18 unique people, places, and protests from pre-Stonewall through modern day in a series of black and white drawings, the project aims to re-center the narrative of our annual June Pride celebrations away from rainbow capitalism to its original principles of resistance, rebellion, and radical self-expression. 
Win is a San Francisco-based designer & illustrator, streetcar enthusiast, amateur birder, and longtime GLBT History Museum volunteer.

Talk given @ the GLBT Historical Society | June 18, 2020

A project of the San Francisco Arts Sommission’s Art on Market Street kiosk poster series,
funded by the San Francisco Arts Commission and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.